Visit Details

Visitation Update (Effective: September 26th, 2022)

Visitors will now be required to self- screen upon entry, and there will no longer be screeners at our front desk. Office staff will assist if required.

  • Sanitize your hands
  • Put on a new medical mask (provided)
  • Self- screen at kiosk
  • Proceed directly to Home Area
  • Should you have any questions, please stop in any of the offices, and someone will be happy to help you

We continue to encourage visitation during the hours from 11am to 7pm daily. Should you choose to visit outside of these hours, please be patient, and mindful of morning/ evening care routines of our residents.

Re: Visitors on Home Areas

  • Masks must be kept on at all times for indoor visits, but if outside, masks can be removed. Distancing encouraged.
  • Maximum of 3 people for in- room visits.
  • If requesting more than three visitors at a time, visitors are to contact recreation in advance for approval based on space availability (Call or text 902-295-0177).
  • Visits must occur in resident room, or in the courtyard. Please no visits in Living/ Dining Areas. Visitors are also welcome to take the resident for a walk (resident must wear a mask) off the unit, should they wish.
  • Visitors are permitted to visit multiple residents throughout the building but should note who they are going to see when they self- screen.

Additional Notes:

We appreciate your patience as we transition back into visitation that more closely resembles “Pre Covid” procedures. Many families were not with us prior to 2020, so this will seem new to many of you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions- we are happy to help!

As always, thank you for your cooperation, and support.


September 26th, 2022