Information About Care
•59 Long Term Care beds (all private with private bathrooms)
•11 Residential Care beds (all private with private bathrooms and private showers)
•6 home areas with either 11 or 12 bedrooms
•Community Hall for large gatherings/parties
•Spacious court yards, patios with walking path around building overlooking the Bras d’Or Lakes
•Food is prepared in house in central kitchen and transported by hot food carts to dining areas in each home. 3 full meals and 3 snacks provided daily.
•Resident Care has 24-hour RN / LPN / PCW coverage. Two local doctors & a Nurse Practitioner are available as well as hospital located 1 km from Alderwood. A Podiatrist and Occupational Therapist visit on a regular basis. Physiotherapist and Dietician are available on part-time basis, Physio Assistant full time.
•Recreation Department provides therapeutic recreation programs to meet the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the residents through one on one, small group and large group programs.
•Dental Hygiene Care available upon request of resident or family member – click on the link to see what services are available Dental Hygiene Care for Residents
•Spiritual Room
•Residents may bring some personal items, a comfortable chair and TV; all items must comply with Fire Marshal and Occupational Health and Safety Standards
•Employs 130 Staff
•Administration, Recreation, Laundry, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Dietary, and Nursing Departments
•Telephone, Cable TV, Internet Services and Newspaper are AVAILABLE FOR A FEE
•Wheelchair Accessible
•Designated Smoking Area

Resident Bill of Rights

Alderwood is committed to maintaining the quality of life of our residents through meeting their essential needs – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social. This is accomplished by competent, caring staff interacting respectfully with residents in a safe, comfortable, home-like environment.
1.Environment – Residents have the right to a safe, comfortable, home-like environment.
2.Quality of Care – Residents have the right to quality care by competent staff, to be informed of treatments and have a voice in the decision making of the care.
3.Independence – Residents have the right to maintain their independence by means of active participation in facility programming and through ongoing support and stimulation.
4.Privacy – Residents have the right to as much privacy as we can provide as they receive care and go about their activities of daily living.
5.Confidentiality – Residents have the right to confidentiality of their health, personal and financial information.
6.Spirituality – Residents have the right to practice their spiritual beliefs and to have these respected.
7.Finances – Residents have the right to manage their comfort allowances as they see fit and to receive information regarding their general finances.
8.Dignity and Respect – Residents have the right to be treated at all times with dignity and consideration.

The Alderwood Rest Home offers strong connections to both landscape and community. Generous windows and terraces beckon residents outdoors to experience the views of Bras d’Or Lake. Light filled corridors lead to public gathering spaces. The Alderwood project can be used as an example of sustainable building ideas for the community that shows how good design can embody the best ideas for living well.

Key Sustainability Features:

Alderwood reduces its use of potable water by 20% through the use of low flow plumbing fixtures and water efficient appliances.

A selection of locally sourced native plants are used throughout the landscaping that require no irrigation.

The solar hot water system passively heats the hot water for the building thereby reducing the building’s energy consumption.

Natural ventilation and local environmental control is enhanced through the use of operable windows.

A connection with landscape is emphasized through views and an abundance of natural daylight within living and working spaces.

Low emittance materials are used throughout the building process to reduce the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air. This has resulted in a healthier workplace during the construction and a healthier building for residents, staff and the community.

Green housekeeping procedures and materials ensure a continued approach for quality indoor air for residents, staff and the community.

50% of the construction waste has been diverted from the landfill.

Regionally sourced building materials have been used throughout the project.

Light coloured parking surfaces and shade trees are tools used to passively provide natural summer cooling for hot August days.

Erosion control and natural permeability of the site are enhanced through large planted areas and a ground water natural filtration system.

Alderwood’s two story design reduces its building foot print, saving valuable land resources.

An earth berm enhances the surroundings by providing both an effective sound and visual barrier from the adjacent highway.

As part of the enhanced planting and community strategies the development of a ‘community green’ kitchen garden is planned, where vegetables are grown and harvested and interaction with the larger community is encouraged and fostered.

Construction has been done by local trades.

There is a strong connection with nature and the environment, views to the gardens and to Bras d’Or lake beyond enrich the experiences of both the residents and the staff.

Inspired by maritime architecture each 12 bed resident home borrows from the traditional housing scale to create an appropriate residential scale that is centered by a living room, a chapel and a resource room that will help to facilitate active community involvement.

Alderwood Rest Home is targeting a LEED Silver designation. LEED certification recognizes a construction project or building that utilizes environmentally responsible building practices during construction. The new resident house layout and support and community services within the facility will enhance Alderwood’s ability to provide the best quality of care for its residents and provide supportive, safe environments for its staff.

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