Alderwood Baddeck

truly a place we call home


Modified Visitor Restrictions in Effect.

Effective November 12th, 2020 Alderwood will be extending the rules for in-room visits to allow the Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) to notify Alderwood of up to 2 individuals that they authorize to be the essential care giver (ECG) for the resident. The ECG can have direct contact with the resident while visiting and wearing a mask; gown and washing or sanitization their hands as needed.

The ECG will be provided with information/training to put on and remove a gown and mask; to sanitize and wash hands; social distance rules. The ECG will follow the rules of in-door visits with the following exceptions: 

The ECG can book a visit for longer than one hour (depending on the time of arrival), and the ECG can book a visit 7 days per week. the visits can be booked for 1pm-4pm AND 5:15-6:15 daily. The ECG will be given a grey gown to wear so that the staff are aware that they are an ECG and that they are able to have more contact with the resident than the regular visitor. The ECG will be required to read and sign the indoor visit rules form if they have not done so already. 

ALL VISITORS must be screened in (temperature recorded and complete the screening form and sign out)

There is only 1 visitor per resident per day regardless if the visitor is a regular visitor or the ECG. The ECG will still be required to go directly to the resident’s room and remain in the resident’s room and is not to have contact with the other residents at Alderwood. Visits will be cancelled for failure to follow the rules and guidelines. For those who require assistance, the visits will need to take place during regular visiting times when there is someone to assist them (they can stay longer than one hour and can assist the resident during the visit as the ECG).


Effective October 15, 2020 Alderwood will begin Off-site Home visits. To book a off-site home visits Call (902) 295 0177 Mon-Fri 10:00-4:00 (except Holidays and weekends) and leave a message. Please state the type of visit and leave your name and contact info. You will be contacted for specified info and screening by a nurse. At this time no overnight visits permitted or visits in the community other than to the specific home. Please remember that visits require pre-planning that may include organizing medications; changing routines so it is important that you call with at least two days notice as part of the mandatory pre-screening. There are new forms placed in the mailbox located in the main doors of the front entrance of Alderwood. They must be signed and returned PRIOR to the day of the scheduled visit. They contain the information regarding proper sanitation, disinfecting, procedures ETC.

Effective September 17, 2020 Alderwood will begin Indoor Visits. We are looking forward to having families able to interact with their family members again, and we ask for your patience and cooperation as we implement these new procedures with respect to booking indoor visits.
Outdoor visits will continue however we ask that you please follow the directions below for scheduling these visits as well.
Visitation Hours
All indoor visits must be between 1pm and 4pm from Monday to Friday. Visits will be a maximum of one hour in length.
There will be limited weekend visits, and availability will be communicated on our Facebook page. Weekend visits are to be reserved for those unable to visit during regular weekday visitation times. Indoor visits will be one visit per day.
Scheduling Your Visit
In order to book your visit, please call or text (text preferred): (902) 295-0177, between 8am and 3:30pm Monday to Friday. If you do not reach someone right away, please leave a detailed voicemail (or text message) and someone will get back to you to confirm your visit. Should you wish to call outside of these hours, please leave a message/text message, and you will receive a response on the next business day.
In order to communicate, and prepare for indoor visits, all visits must be booked by 3:30pm the day prior to the scheduled visit, at the latest.
Please note that email is no longer monitored for the purposes of scheduling your visit. Call/Text only at the number indicated above.
First Time Indoor Visitor?
We need all visitors to sign the “Rules for Indoor Visits at Alderwood” form (pink form) found in the mailbox (and returned to the mailbox) located outside the building, prior to your first indoor visit. Please note that you must complete this new form, even if you have previously completed a form for outdoor visits. Contact the Director of Recreation if you have any questions, at 902-295-2644 x 226, and leave a message stating your questions or concerns, and she will return your call as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Alderwood Visitor Guidelines

UPDATE Thursday September 10, 2020

Request for volunteers:

At this time volunteers are not allowed in nursing homes but we are developing a plan where by we will utilize a few volunteers in the Baddeck area who can assist organizing the appointments from their home (cell phone will be provided). Those who may be interested can contact recreation:

UPDATE: March 31, 2020
A letter and fact sheet for families at this time from the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Those interested in Skyping with their loved ones are asked to connect with the Recreation Department (902.295-2644 ext.226) to set a time and date and for Alderwood’s profile name. We have an iPad with Skype access which we are willing to share with our residents so that they can chat and see their families. 

A 59 Long Term Care bed (all private with private bathrooms) facility with 11 Residential Care beds (all private with private bathrooms and private showers).
There are 6 home areas with either 11 or 12 bedrooms, a Community Hall for large gatherings/parties. Spacious court yards, patios with walking path around building overlooking the Bras d’Or Lakes…truly a place to call home.